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A tedious Market selection process can be overwhelming, frustrating and too time consuming for the small business owner.  For instance, a vast amount of Country Market Information can be found on the internet. However, requires analyzing volumes of pages.  Therefore, EGM has a solution for the tedious country market research.  An EGM analyst will research and analyze the country's economic determining factors and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the USA for your business.  In addition, will research information during market visit and attendance at Trade Show or Expo.  Then an analyst will present the data.  The research report, will be a concise but comprehensive along with photos/videos of market observations and interactions with buyers and sellers. The country's economic determining factors, for instance, market size & growth, political stability, culture (6 dimension culture report), infrastructure facilities, and industry information will be researched. They are essential to making an informed decision before entering a foreign market to minimize risk, while increasing the probability of successful market entry for owners.

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Reactors wait for problems to occur before attempting to solve them.
Planners  anticipate problems.
Entrepreneurs  anticipate both problems and opportunities. 

Source: Ansoff (1969)


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